Weekend Motivation: Goodbye

This weekend is about letting go. This may be the hardest thing you have ever had to do but it’s so necessary. Most of the time what we want is holding us back. This does not mean it’s bad for you, it means that you are stuck in one spot running in place. This weekend say goodbye to what you have been holding onto. Hear me out on this, I’m not saying forget about what you been holding on to. I’m saying don’t let it stop your progress. We all have a different hold, it could be a relationship, it could be a beef with someone, or even a thought. If you have been feeling like you can only think about this one thing, do yourself a favor and let it go. Give it to God and watch what happens. If it’s meant to be it will happen, with God it will be even better than you ever imagined.

Now, take a deep breath and take your life back. You deserve it. Be worthy of a blessing instead of asking for a blessing. Have an incredible weekend. DefineU

Nothing Wrong With Wrong

You’re going to be wrong more times than not. Most people don’t ever succeed or reach their potential because they are afraid of being wrong. Get over yourself. Be humble. Once you are free from the mental critique of yourself the works opens up. The universe will get out if your way with faith in God and fearlessness of being wrong.

First and foremost, through God all things are possible and if the main man upstairs is on your side there is nothing to be afraid of at all. Put yourself out there and be wrong a few times, you will learn a lesson and more times than not the person who recognizes your mistake will help you get through it. You got this. Make a living and have a life. Stay blessed!

Weekend Motivation

Be yourself!

Stop me if you have heard this before. It seems easy enough but trust me, it isn’t, especially since most people don’t know who they are. I used to be one of those people. It took me a while to realize that the things I couldn’t change about me are the reason people love me. Think about that…

What you can’t change about you is why people love you, it’s why people gravitate towards you. If people don’t love or gravitate to you, it is most likely your energy and how you feel about yourself. It’s the reason they say you are who you hang out with. It’s a different way of saying you attracted what you see yourself as.

The hard part about life is finding the answer to one question. What do I do when I feel stuck? You have to continue to evolve past the point of what attracted someone to you. People love the look of food but have you ever tasted something that looked better on the outside? That’s what happens when people get around you and the evolution process isn’t there. Never stop learning, never accept mediocrity, never give up. A lot of people in this world fail and quit because they see themselves as quitters. Champions think like champions, they win at everything. Get used to seeing yourself as the best version of you. Start this weekend off right. Be great! God Bless!


Loud Noises

In my quiet times, all I hear is LOUD NOISES.

How can I focus with my brain racing harder than my heart?

Do I have what it takes to lead?

Do I need a new jolt of energy? From where?

Am I afraid?

Trust me Y’all I am in my feelings all the time. Sometimes I can’t sleep because of those LOUD NOISES. My brain is always on and it’s constantly working on tomorrow, or today, or was it yesterday? See? LOUD NOISES.

It wasn’t until I got louder than my voices that my life started to change. My mentality changed. Once the word of God was in my head, I’m no longer afraid of anything. Not what anyone does, say’s or thinks about me, I’m not afraid. That is the most powerful emotion you can let go of. FEAR! Maybe for you the noises aren’t so loud but what is it holding you back. Most of the time it’s YOU. Get out of your own way. Quiet your loud noises and conquer your mind. Stay blessed my friends!


Stuck In The Mud

Have you ever had to climb out of a hole? I don’t mean this literally, I mean this in terms of depression, financially, relationships? I’m betting you have because these things are a way of life. Every one of us has gone through this but it doesn’t make it easier to deal with. I want to focus on what the aftermath looks like.

Once you pull yourself out of that depression or that financial situation you feel great. You feel motivated to want to do better. This is a great thing but what nobody talks about is that little bit of mud left on you afterwards. That is the baggage you have left, that often gets taken on by the next person you end up in a relationship with or you project your baggage on to close friends and family. That baggage allows you to play the victim. Do not be a victim to your recovery. Do not stop improving on your wins. Do not give up on your progress because you feel comfortable in your space. That baggage you carry with you turns into bad habits and habits turn into who you become as a person. You do not want to become what you once knew you had to fix, then guess what? You’re back in that same mud wondering what happened to your drive, your motivations, your passions. Keep what’s sacred to you in check. Think about this today and carry some momentum into tomorrow. Let go of your baggage. God bless you all. #DefineU

New Life

It has been a while and you know what, I missed you! I missed venting my frustrations through words. I had to get away from everything to find myself through God. Today we sing a new song. Today we praise a new life.

Starting today I will be writing my blogs three times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I’m excited to continue on this journey. I’m excited to have you with me. I appreciate your patience and for sticking with me and reading my blogs. You guys are awesome. Let’s do this! God Bless you all. One love!



Lift Them Up

It seems like every day I’m reading about something tragic happening. It’s exhausting when I log in to my social media accounts and see the devastation and frustrations of the world. It’s even worse when you see people defend the actions of the blatant wrongdoings of criminals. With that said, I choose to lift up. I choose to lift my hands high in praise of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I choose to use my words and actions to lift up those who just need to hear the good truth. I try on a daily basis to uplift someone. I want you to choose that with me. I truly believe the problem with the world today is we get spoon fed so many negative things that we are in the mindset of revenge. We don’t have to prove anyone right by acting like savages. Prove your worth to God by living through the word. LIFT UP those around you in hopes of setting an example of what to follow. Teach someone close to you to be the leader you seek to become. IF we can get past our differences of the heart, race, religion, and just be the best version of ourselves then and only then can we see change. Stay Blessed!