20 years! 20 full years of dedication to one single thing. Kobe Bryant has built his reputation on work ethic.  It is widely known that he is a fierce competitor and on top of that the hardest working man in basketball. Take a guess what Kobe attributes to his success and dedication. Yep, you guessed it…His MENTALITY! It’s no secret by now what Kobe thought of anybody who entered his path to success. The man truly did not give a damn what you thought of him. He truly Defined himself.

It took me watching that dedication for 20 years to finally appreciate it on the last day. We all have this type of surreal motivation inside of us, we just need to identify it and unleash the beast. You have to be willing to leave precious cargo behind to get to this level of thinking. You need to be willing to sacrifice yourself for this level. By yourself,  i mean your time. Time awaits no one, it is constantly ticking and counting down. We do not have time to sit back and think about doing things, we have to get up and start going after our desires.

Here are a few tips to help you begin to form the mindset of the successful.

  • Write down your goals Twice EVERY DAY! Once when you awake and again before bed.
  • Schedule your day from the time you awake to the time you go to bed.
  • Exercise. Starting the day with exercise is great for your mind. It gets the blood flowing and sharpens your decision making throughout the day. Plus it’s a great way to keep you eating healthy knowing you worked out before your day gets started.

There are more sure-fire ways to create the mindset of a champion but these three tips are a great start. Come back for future posts as i will elaborate on each of these tips. Please feel free to follow this blog and to connect with me on social media. Let’s have fun with this.

Define U



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