Is Your Money Worth The Time?

When starting a business you will quickly learn that you do not have time for nonsense. Especially nonsense that is well dressed in the form of a business opportunity.

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Have you ever heard the expression by Benjamin Franklin “time is money?” Well, indeed it is to an entrepreneur. I learned very early in my entrepreneurial career that the value of an hour is a lot worse when you’re not getting paid for putting in the work. I read in an article on that employees spend about 31 hours per month in meetings and less than 60 percent of time actually working productively. That is incredible, yet understandable considering how much time we spend on social media while “working.”

Prioritize your time based on the money you intend to make. What I have set out to do is to not see time anymore as 1:00pm to 2:00pm but to now see time as $200.00 to $300.00. By replacing my time with the money i intend to make that hour it has drastically changed my time management. It holds me accountable to my personal goals as well. Think about it, would you still opt to spend your time being unproductive if you knew you were losing the money you intend to make? Probably not, is my guess. Furthermore, you’re adding armor to your goals instead of chipping away at them with every hour of the 24 you have during one day.

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