Make A Living Or Have A Life?

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Choose one. It sure seems like we have to make this decision on a daily basis, doesn’t it? We have to choose between working and living out our dreams instead of having a social life and making new friends. Is there a happy medium? Can a person truly accomplish this? Society tells us not we can not. They say we must completely immerse ourselves in our  business or our jobs to truly achieve greatness. I say we can have both, as long as we understand that not everyone nor everything will make it to the end of our journey. I for one believe that we must still find time to do the things we love with the people we love. Success can be a lonely place if you let it be.

My suggestion is to find a hobby and get away from the office to clear your head and keep your sanity. Some people like video games, reading, making jewelry, i love fishing. We must keep these hobbies if we are to survive. How many of you know a workaholic? I do, they are miserable because they do not have a life outside of the paperwork on their desk. Once work stops, so does life. Spend your time away from your desk so that you can actually enjoy the fruits of your labor. All work and no play will have your stress levels high, anxiety high, blood pressure high, and can lead to some pretty deep depression if you’re not careful. More importantly, it can lead to ruined relationships with your spouse, children, other family members and friends. Like i said before, Success can be very lonely if you let it.

If you are a workaholic, try a few simple activities first to break the cycle. Take a lunch away from your desk, with a friend if possible. Take a walk during breaks throughout the day. Pick up a book and read a few chapters to break the cycle. This may all seem impossible at first, due to you feeling your workload is too much but you will come to find out that you will work more efficient if you know that break or lunch is around the corner. We all want to achieve and surpass our goals but we do not want the same goals to drive us down a path of misery. Enjoy the spoils of your hard work and live a little.

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