Be Known For Your Work Ethic


Most of us are defined by the material things we purchase. We plaster our new toys on Social media sites and look for validation from friends we barely know. Be known for the undeniable work ethic that you display. The reputation that comes with that can only be matched by someone rivaling your work ethic. When you work hard, you don’t have to show it off, It does the talking for you. Not only will others notice, it’s a great opportunity to  share your leadership skills through the examples you’re setting. People will tend to follow the hardest working person they know. Be that person, be the person that your friends don’t have to ask why you’re not always at parties.

Leadership is earned not given. Have the type of mentality that craves the attention of a boss. Having a sickening work ethic will give you the benefit of the doubt with your peers. Mistakes will be forgiven if others know that you’re giving 110%, and it will give you credibility for making up for that mistake.

Having a strong work ethic requires a few qualities. You have to be dedicated, dependable and accountable.

  • Dedication: It shows that you never stop until the job is done, it shows that you are willing to always give a sensational effort towards the goal.
  • Dependable: Being dependable shows that you can always be counted on to deliver on your promises. It shows that you’re always on time for meetings and will not give or accept any excuses that lean towards failure.
  • Accountable: You do not make excuses for when things do not go as planned and you hold your employees to the same standard. You learn from those mistakes and move forward with great judgment to not make the same mistakes again.

“You can’t have a million dollar dream and a minimum wage work ethic”-Zig Zigler

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