Tug Of War: Good Habits Vs Bad Habits


The trouble with bad habits is sometimes we don’t know they are bad habits. Bad habits are negative behaviour patterns that stunt personal growth. Let’s put a focus on one, in particular, being reactive instead of proactive. Being reactive can be detrimental to your everyday life as well as your business. Often people let the bad things happen and react to them vs being a strategic thinker and proactively cutting the bad before it happens. At the very least you want to be prepared for the bad. This is especially important in your business because it mean money will be lost and dare i say, your business can be lost if not properly prepared. Stop me if you have never said this before “If only i had enough time to do…” Trust me, we have all said this at one point or another. Time is one of the most common reasons that we are reactive instead of proactive. This is why i suggest we write and plan out our day. That way we know what we have on our plates and how to attack it within the time frame we give ourselves. It also holds us accountable throughout the day and conscience of getting meeting our goals.

Engaging in unproductive activities is also common. Most of us, while at work check emails, facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. This is hidden behind the notion that we are multitasking. Multitasking can be very dangerous and can create bad habits in our quest to meet daily goals. Set aside some time for all unproductive activities before your day starts. Again, the reason for this is to create good habits so our minds can be free and set on one common goal of success. Change your mindset and change your life.

Think about what aspects of your day you can change from being reactive to proactive and comment and let me know. Let’s build together.

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