The Fight You Lose Could Be Your Biggest Victory


What is more important to you,  winning the fight or having the courage to fight at all? A lot of people won’t fight unless they know they can win, but on school yards everywhere the person who is willing to lose gets the most respect. The belief is that having no fear will give you the most to gain at the end of the day, even in a loss. A perfect example of this is former World Championship fighter Oscar De La Hoya. He damn near lost every big fight he was involved in but he has a statue outside the Staples Center for his heroic contributions to the city of Los Angeles. He was loved by so many because he stood for something, that something was courage.

We can all learn something from De La Hoya. In everyday life, we will come into situations where we feel we do not have a chance at winning. What is it that some people have that others do not? Is it that some people are born without fear? NO! Failure can be the best thing for you at times. If we did not fail we would not know if we could make it through adversity. The reason De La Hoya kept fighting was because the taste of victory is always sweeter after you have had your share of losses. We wouldn’t know if we could get a job unless we went after it, or if we can get that date unless we say hello to that person. Be willing to fail, be willing to take the leap towards victory.

When faced with adversity, believe that you can get through. Understand that you have control over your emotions and you can change the outcome by simply changing your mindset. You have to WANT a better future for yourself. As the motivational speaker, Eric Thomas says “You have to want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe.” Have no fear and go get your dreams. YOU GOT THIS! Comment on this post and let me know what you think.

Comment on this post and let me know what you think, let’s build a future together.

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