Circle Of Winners

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Think about who is in your circle of trust. Think about what the people around you provide for your life. Now I don’t mean what they give you, I mean what do they provide. It is said that we are who our friends are. Think about the five people you consider friends. What are they doing with their lives? Do you have the same mindset as a group? The goal of your circle should be to help each other grow and build something bigger than yourselves. If that is not the goal, It’s pointless and there could be some problems.  Either they are the problem or YOU are the problem. If you’re doing the best out of everyone in your circle and they are not progressing or have aspirations for something along the same level as yours, then you need to release from that group. Check the circles of the most powerful people, they all hang in the same circles. They all have the same like-minded aspirations. Even your spouse is a part of that circle, that’s why they call it a “power couple.” You have to surround yourself with people who have the same aspirations because it gives you the added confidence you need for your own goals. If you are around positive people all the time, your creative juices get flowing and success is bound to happen. Today’s goal is to really check with your friends and where they are in life. If the goal for them is to move forward and they are making a considerable effort to do so, then build with them and achieve great things. No one can do it alone, we all need great people in our lives. Not many people truly have close friends in this world, make your count.

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