Everyday Is A First Impression


First impressions are important for survival in the real world.  Every single day is an opportunity to impress someone. In the corporate world, this especially is the case because of the competition it takes to stay on top. Personally, I love wearing a suit, It makes me feel great. From the All-Pro football player Deion Sanders “If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good, if you play good, they pay good.” I love that quote. It amplifies not just the sports world but everyday life for all people. There is a certain respect that comes with your appearance, so much so that often, people form the opinion of the person standing across the room just based on attire.

How do you make a first impression every day? You come with an attitude of success. People love to be around successful individuals, they love to talk and share ideas with people of like mind. Impress people with your intelligence and the way that you carry yourself. Show up on time, be very efficient in you work, and the most important, keep your word. Nothing ruins a reputation more than saying you will do something, and not coming through. Always be clutch! If you’re a salesman your reputation is your business. If you have a great reputation, you get more sales. At the very least you will get an opportunity most others will not get based on what others think about you. Make your mark in this world by always being professional. Represent your company and yourself at all times and you will see an increase in the opinions about you and your business.

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