Why Don’t You Just Quit?


Let’s face it, every day is a struggle. Every single day it takes a level of arrogance to get things done. What keeps you motivated? What makes you not quit? Is it bills? Food? Shelter? All of the above, I’m guessing. It is the same for all adults that have pride in themselves. People who don’t care have it easy, they just get up without a care, do nothing without a care, and go to bed and sleep like a baby…BROKE! We all have dreams of living the good life, but what is it that keeps us going? Desire! Our desire for life drives us on a daily basis to be great. Do not ever lose that drive because you will end up broke complaining about how the government doesn’t do enough and you wish you could just get a break in life. One of my favorite quotes is “The harder i work, the luckier i get.” What does this mean? It means get off your ass and get to work.  Do something, do anything. If you can’t find a job, create a job. Everyone in this world is blessed with abilities. Find what your strengths are and become and expert at it, then use it to become great in life.

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