Why I Love Mondays


Most people hate Mondays. It is the dreadful day after your fun weekend or relaxing Sunday. It is the day you have to snap back into reality. Get up and go to work, get the kids ready for school, deal with unfavorable co-workers or bosses. I used to be in that same boat with you, it sucks. Until I changed my motivations and mindset. I love Mondays now. I love it because it is a day that everyone is willing to get work done. If your mindset is to achieve your goals,(and it should be) then Monday is where it all starts, It sets the tone for the rest of the week, It is your wake up call to all competitors. If things go well, it sets up the success that we crave during the week. People hate Monday because they know it will be a grind, they know the phones will be ringing, email inboxes will be full and the mind will be challenged. This is the exact reason why I love Monday. It is an entrepreneur’s dream, we love challenges, and progress. We have to learn how to embrace that work ethic that Monday provides us. Each day doesn’t get easier, motivation runs low during a Wednesday. That is why it is important to be ready and willing to give it all you have and set up the rest of your week by learning to love Mondays.

How do we learn to love Monday? Once again I want to reiterate the importance of setting goals and writing them down twice a day (when you wake and before bed). It holds you accountable and changes your mindset to that of a successful person. Start your week off with success on your mind and heart and I believe you will begin to love Mondays as well. Prepare for the week on Sunday night. Usually, we know what we have to do on Monday, that’s why it is hated so much. Take that emotion and change the energy. A person is more than likely to do business with someone that is ready to go full throttle, rather than someone who is negative about working. Positive energy is contagious, so this weekend, think about how you want to spend your week. Do you want to give yourself maximum opportunity to succeed? I am guessing you do. Go get it!

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