Asking For Help


If we could do it ourselves, we would,  right? Most people do not seek the help they need, simply because they don’t know they need it. How do you know you need help? When you’re not an expert at whatever it is you do, then you need help. Needing help doesn’t necessarily mean you will put out a bad product, script, email, etc. It means, the difference between good and great. If you could make anything better, wouldn’t you? Find an expert in the field you are in, learn from them and start to associate greatness with yourself.

You would be surprised at the amount of information you can get by simply asking for it. I am an aspiring laundromat owner. There are critical elements of the business I need to learn before I can determine the value of the store. I need to find out the monthly utility bills, Sq footage, rent, and machinery that is good or bad, amongst other information. I walk into the laundromat, find the owner and ask the questions. They tell me this information all the time. How did I know I needed to know this to own a laundromat? I did some research and asked existing laundromat owners what I needed for this particular business. Having critical information allows you to make important decisions on what is next for you and your business, also, it will catapult you above the competition. We should all strive to be great at our jobs and careers, and we can not do it alone. Ask for help, do your research and I guarantee you will become the expert you should be.

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