Staying Active In Your Mindset


At some point in our lives, most of us are guilty of procrastinating. We want to wait for the perfect time to get things done. There is a difference between being smart and wasting time. I consider myself an entrepreneur. Under that umbrella, I am a Professional speaker, author, business owner, and one day will start an after school program in schools. In knowing what I want to do, I needed to get active in my fields of choice. I did as much research i could find on laundromats.  I joined Toastmasters, begin researching on what I wanted to write about and who I wanted to write it for, talking to any and everyone who would listen. Once you create the momentum in your mindset, your ideas and business will grow and accomplish great feats. It is very hard work, but very rewarding.

Staying active in your mindset needs to become a way of life. Your brain needs to feed on knowledge.  Never stop learning, never stop wanting to achieve. Your goals depend on you being readily available and in the right head space to be a winner. Everything in your life requires you to stay active.

Try this at home tonight. Write your goals out on paper, and next to your goal, write what you can do to be more effiencient and active in accomnplishing that goal. This will work wonders for you and will get your mind working towards meeting those goals at a faster pace.

Define U


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