Are You Doing Too Much?


A lot of people ask me what my main focus is on. My main focus i on everything. Everything from writing, speaking, owning a business, EVERYTHING! I have come to dislike the phrase “stay in your lane.” That is a limitation I do not want to be a part of, why put that limitation on yourself? At the very least I will explore a certain avenue before making a decision to be involved at all.

Which brings us to the question, Are you doing too much? Your answer should always be “NO! I am not doing enough.” You should always feel that you could be doing more, doing better, doing something different. Remember, the mind has to be fed with task and information. Do not let yourself fall into the trap of limitations by selling a dream you woke up from too soon. If you feel that you are losing focus on a goal, it is fine to take a step back and get back to basics. Set some time aside each day for a specific task. give yourself a chance to make it all work.

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