Having Extra In The Tank


When I played on my high school baseball team, we had Saturday morning practices. We all hated Saturday mornings. Mainly because that was the day for strength and conditioning. We had a conditioning drill called seven-eight-nine, meaning the seventh through the ninth inning of the baseball game. This was significant because in high school the games only go seven innings. We all lined up and ran from foul pole to foul pole. The purpose was to get us in the best shape possible so that if the game ever went passed seven innings we would be the team prepared to take on that extra baseball. At the time, I hated it because it was hard, but through the years, I have come to notice that not only was that a great baseball lesson but a tremendous life lesson as well.

You have to be willing to put extra work in just in case you have to go the extra mile. You need to condition your mind to be able to handle the grind of a few extra hours of work that you did not expect. I was on the phone with a Mentor of mine a few days ago and we were discussing merchandise and selling product. He said something to me that made me think of this blog post. He said, “It’s great when you see the orders coming in, the feeling is amazing until you’re up at 3am packaging the product to ship it yourself.” Being an entrepreneur is hard work. You need to have extra in the tank to survive some days, otherwise, we would be ordinary. Be GREAT!

How do you condition your mind to handle these days?

  • Keep It Simple: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Extra stress can lead to more mistakes, especially when you are tired.
  • Be Organized: Organization is key. If you are physically organized with your work, your brain will be organized and free to take on extra task.
  • Stay Positive: Remember why you are doing what you do. Take a minute to remind yourself of the goals you have set for yourself.

Keep in mind, that you will have these days more times than not so keeping it simple, being organized, and stay positive will get you through rough times. Be multifarious in thought, meaning, a variety in your mind capacity. The strong survive. YOU GOT THIS!

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