The Problem with Problems


There is a huge issue in our lives that we can not seem to conquer. That is the ability to critically assess and attack a problem. This can be done, it is imperative that we get back to basics and use our brains for a solution. The first thing we should remember is not all problems are created equally. Too often we put an unnecessary obstacle in front of the obstacle that we have because that is problems are, obstacles. Take a step back, think about what needs to be done and simply work towards the solution. The problem we create is the focus we have on the negative. Often, we are not seeing the solution because we are too busy focusing on what the negative is in front of us. This is true in all aspects of life, marriage, friendships, working relationships and the business itself. How many times have you looked back after the problem was solved and said to yourself, “wow, things could have been different if I would have just done…” I am guilty of this myself on occasion, but it is important to remember to take a step back and focus on a solution.

I have trained my mind to not see problems as a negative obstacle. Now I see them as opportunities to showcase my talents. Every obstacle gives me a chance to sharpen my critical thinking skills, another added bonus. The goal is to turn every negative into a positive. In the next few days give this a try. Look at every problem as an opportunity and you will start to change. It will only take a few days of you reminding yourself to stay positive. Let me know how it works for you by commenting below.

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