Do Not Do It For The Money


Your passion should not be done for the money. Sounds weird, right? I know and when I first heard this I was confused too. Of course, we all want money, we all have dreams of a wealthy and comfortable life. Let me be clear, your GOALS will bring you the money but your passion will bring you the happiness. Start your goals with how much money you desire but when finding your passion in life, that is for you and your heart, not anything material. Most people do things for material items they want to purchase, that is when your passion slips. That is when you get complacent and content with the items you buy.

To be clear I am not saying you cannot get these material items, I am saying it should not be your motivation. Your motivation should be internal, it should come from deep inside of you, in that place where it cannot be harmed. The “why I wake up every day” should be because of your car.

So take this with you and think about why you wake up. Don’t do it for the money. Find do you “Why.”

Define U


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