Is Social Media Is Killing Your People Skills?


When was the last time you called someone on the phone? A better question is when was the last time you got in your car to drive and meet someone for lunch? I specialize in leadership and the number one negative i see in a lot of people i meet, is their lack of people skills. It is very hard to hold a conversation with someone who does not know what to say to you in person, but later on, when you are logged in to Facebook, they seem like a completely different person. People prefer to text you now. What is it that makes people feel more comfortable with a person online? Is it fear? You can hide behind your computer or phone. Bottomline is, if you want to be a success in life you have to develop strong people skills both online and most importantly in person. Think about every job you have ever had, or any job that you want to get. You have to go through an interview process. Why? Because companies who want to hire you, want to see your people skills and how you can contribute to the culture of the company. Your resume is what got you the interview. They don’t care so much your experience, they want to see how you communicate.

There are a few key skills you need to learn while dealing with people.

  1. The ability to relate to other people.
  2. Active Listening skills.
  3. Patience.
  4. strong communication skills.
  5. The ability to keep an open mind.

The ability to relate to other people is so important in any setting. It allows you to understand viewpoints from almost anybody, you are also prone to have the ability to agree to disagree with someone. That shows a massive amount of respect.

Having active listening skills is key. Actively listening is different than hearing someone talk. Most of us hear people talk and while they are talking we are forming our response in our heads and ready to spit it out. Actively listening means you analyze what was just said and then form your response. It can be difficult to do and it will take some practice but it can be done.

Not many people have a good amount of patience. Having patience can go hand and hand with active listening. Patience allows you to keep your cool in stressful situations. People follow leaders and most great leaders have patience.

Strong communication is the foundation of having a good relationship with people. Have you ever heard the phrase “He can talk his way out of anything.” This is a direct correlation with the strong communication skills a person has. It also helps others understand you and your vision. Great things happen in business when two people or a team of people can understand each other.

Keeping an open mind is one of the most important aspects of life. Having an open mind is the gateway to every other skill you can learn about people. If you are open to change, then you are open to adapting to any situation, which in turn will allow you to dominate any conversation or obstacle thrown at you.

These five skills are a great starting point for you to work on your people skills. We can always improve upon which we think we have conquered. What people skills have you mastered? What is your greatest strength in regards to people? Comment and let me know. Let’s connect and build.

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