Friday Mental Getaway

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I will be honest, I hate Friday. Friday is the day people become lazy in preparation for the weekend. I did not always hate Friday, and I did become lazy during the day in my preparation for Friday nights, but I did something about it. Once my mentality changed and I made a decision to become successful, I had to create a something drastic in my mind to get me out of my funk.

That is where the Mental Getaway comes into play. A Mental Getaway is not complicated, it’s quite simple. All you do is mentally get yourself in a space of success. When you wake up in the morning, while you’re going through your morning routine, think about your goals. I don’t mean your daily goals (Although you should be thinking of those as well) I am talking about your life goals. Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing and whom you are doing it for. Think about all the struggles you have been through, the sleepless nights, think about the triumphant days you have had as well. This will jump start your mentality towards a day that you may have wanted to be lazy. My Mental Getaway started with just Friday’s. Now I think about this on random days when i wake up and just don’t feel like doing anything. We all need a motivational boost on a daily basis. As Humans our motivations change with our attitudes, this is why motivational speakers are so valuable. Even with great social outlets like Youtube and Apps for our smartphones, we don’t always have access to motivational speaking videos, so we have to get ourselves going with some inner motivation. What better way to jump start you then by taking a few minutes to think about who, what, where, when, and why we do what we do.

As always, let’s build and connect with each other. Let me know what you think. Comment, like and follow.

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