Strength Based Leadership

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There are several different types of leadership bestowed upon those who follow. On a daily basis, we run into a bunch of people who are leaders but we would never know it. It is as if they flip the switch once clocked out. I am a firm believer in the notion that every single person born on this earth has the ability to be a leader. Why? Leadership is more learned than it is natural. Not to say that some people don’t have God-given gifts, they absolutely do.

I believe that the best leaders are those who lead from a position of their strengths. As said before we all are born with a talent and if we can capitalize on that strength we can learn to be more effective leaders. What is your strength? My strength is my people skills. Not many have great people skills, it is a great foundation to build your leadership skills upon. If you have the ability to get others to follow you based on your personality than you too may have great people skills. Are you a great problem solver? You should lead by example. Everyone loves a leader willing to get their hands dirty and do the job that is asked of others.

Find your strengths. Build upon them and think about ways you can start a foundation to become a leader of the future.

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