Me And The Blues

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We all have certain ways we get into focus. For some, it’s going for a walk or a run. Some it is listening to music to get them pumped up. For me, it’s listening to the Blues. My father loves the Blues, he has been playing the blues in the car or in the house for years. I love finding new artist and talking with my dad about the blues. Gary Clark, Jr. is my favorite artist at the moment. Before I sit down to write anything, I open my Spotify app on my  phone and listen to a Clark, Jr. song. It helps me get into a head space to write. At first, I thought, What is about the blues that relaxes me? Why Gary Clark, Jr.? I am still not sure why but it is that feeling you get when your mind becomes clear and a calm falls over you. Now I am ready! Ready to attack the blank spaces on the page. Maybe it’s the guitars that make me forget about all things and focus on one singular idea that I have for blog posts, or a chapter in my books. This has worked for me tremendously. So much that I use it for everything now, In the morning while getting dressed for my day, before sitting down to read, it is my meditation so to speak.

The point of this post is to have you think about what your calm is. What is it that relaxes you? Everyone has something and I would recommend music to anyone. It is important that you get into your focused state of mind to complete tasks with precision. Find what gets you in this mode, maybe you already have something and don’t know it yet. I am very curious to know what others do to get ready and focused. Comment on this post and let me know. We can talk the blues, music in general or just about different ways we all focus up.

Deine U


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