Keeping Your Word

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If you say you’re going to do something, DO IT! This cannot be stressed enough. There is nothing more frustrating than wasting your time. I speak to a lot of young Kings and Queens about time management and being better leaders for the future. Time management is important because again, nobody likes to waste time. Have you ever heard the expression “time is money?” That statement cannot be any truer. Think about what you have time for today, I bet you will find you don’t have as much time as you thought to get done what you want to get done.  The worst thing ever is having plans with friends for later in the day, only to have a friend cancel on me at the last minute, I HATE THAT! Now I am dressed to go out with no plans. Think about when that happens, what are you most mad at? Not that you don’t have plans anymore but that you wasted your time getting prepared and ready to go, for no reason at all.

When you own a business it gets worse and a lot more expensive. Not only are you wasting time but also money. For example, I had a business meeting with a landlord for a laundromat property. I called and confirmed with this gentleman for eight consecutive days. Two days prior to the meeting I became ill, exhausted from the sickness, I got up on the day of the meeting got dressed and was there on time. I walk in the store and the attendant working at the time told me that “her boss” had told her earlier in the day that he was leaving at 3 o’clock pm for Las Vegas, packed with clothes and a suitcase. At this point, I am beside myself on how he could leave for Las Vegas knowing we had a meeting scheduled. What that means to me is he has no respect for me, and most importantly no respect for the business. This is not someone I want to do business with. I was not upset at the meeting being missed but more that I wasted my time driving to this location, for no reason at all.

Keep you word! If you schedule a meeting, be there, on time. This actually starts with you policing yourself. Have the discipline to make sure your daily task are completed on time. Don’t make it a habit of breaking promises to yourself, it only makes it easier for you to do this to others. Have some respect for you and others. It’s a great business practice.

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