Consistency = Success


In every book, I have ever read about how to become successful, the author shares what they believe to be the principles of success. Usually, they are very similar in nature, changing the mindset, forming a strong discipline, having great positive energy. All of these principles are important to achieving success but what I have yet to read is what I consider being the most important. Consistency!

If you can develop the discipline to stay consistent that is the key to changing your life. This is true in all aspects of life, If you brush your teeth consistently, you have fewer cavities, if you eat healthier, you will be healthier, etc. Even in sports, the athletes who are consistent in their workouts will be stronger. In school, the student who studies more will be smarter. Practice being consistent and you will start to change immediately. It is not enough to want to be successful or to become a great leader, you have to put the work in. Think of all the successful people you see in sports. All of them got to that level because of consistency, every teacher at your school or professor at your college, every boss at your job, got there by being consistent in their work ethic.

What do you want to accomplish in your life? Set some goals and be consistent in achieving those goals. Start small, what can you be more consistent with to make your daily life better? Consistency breeds efficiency. Go get better!

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