No Pain No Gain

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“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”- Fred Devito

Failing sucks but it is necessary. Every successful person I know and have read about has failed more times than succeeded. You have to learn to love the pain that is associated with failure. This could be physically and emotionally. If you have ever been in the gym, you know that the pain comes before the results. When you lift those weights your muscles will ache, when you get on that treadmill your legs will get weak to begin with. Your muscles have to break down before they can build up. We wouldn’t appreciate the light without the darkness, the good without the bad. Failure is amazing, it makes the triumph that much better.

Remember, the higher the goal the bigger the fall. Set spectacular goals and embrace the challenges that come along with it. Challenges in the real world are called experience. Every company wants and craves that person with experience, it builds character and shows that you can make it through the adversity. A boss doesn’t want someone he can’t trust in the trenches, they want a person who will fight with them when times get rough. Do not shy away from these challenges, it could be the difference between you or the competition winning. Your own body even does this to itself. When you get a fever it is your body overheating to kill the virus that is infecting your nervous system, the body is going through a trauma before it can get better. The point is there is no good without bad, so be relentless in your pursuit to greatness, learn to love that pain because no matter what, you can’t stop it, But you can always have the right mindset to never lose to it.


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