Don’t Be Influenced By Styles Of The Cool


Most people are in the copy cat world. We live in a copy cat world. Most people do what they see people who they consider to be “cool” do. Be careful not to fall into this category, especially when it comes to leading others or running your business. I am not saying do not get ideas from people who are successful. In fact, I am encouraging you to find someone in your field and build upon the advice you take from them. But one person’s path does not fit another. We are individuals and we need to put our own stamp on life. Your life does not come with a blueprint. You will never meet anyone who has lived the exact life you have lived, but you can meet someone with a similar path.

I mold leaders and one of the main things I tell teenagers is that leaders create their own plan, they don’t follow the plan of others. The problem is that it is very easy to be influenced by the “cool kids” because they have everything we want. Nice clothes, cars, popularity. All of this won’t get you to the level of success you want. Hard work and dedication will. Confidence is contagious, have the guts to create your own style and drive in your own lane. People will follow you.

Define U


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