Wearing Different Hats


Some of the best advice I ever received was “Coop, make sure you have multiple revenue streams.” At the time I thought that meant getting a side hustle, but as I get older and actually into the business world I know it means to really have multiple paychecks monthly. This means you need to be prepared to do a lot of different things. Be a true entrepreneur, so to speak. Now his does not mean you need to start different businesses but that means you need to figure out what you are good at and how you can make money providing your expertise in that area. This could mean having a day job and playing the stock market, or like me with Laundromats and being a public speaker. The big question here is, what are you an expert in? If you aren’t an expert in anything, then take the opportunity to find your passion and become an expert. Work on this today and start to become financially set. Do not limit yourself to anything. Go Fly!

Define U


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