Find Some Competition

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Competition is great for the soul. Most people love competition but don’t embrace the spirit of the competition. I know a few people who are competitive in all things except their business, always wanting to be the nice guy. That nice guy act only gets you so far in the real world. People are savages out here. This is not to scare you but to prepare you to change your mindset to that of a hunter. There is a balance, you can be the nice guy and embrace competition at the same time. As a young man, I wish there was someone to tell me to treat everything as a competition because as I get older I realize that there were so many life lessons that I didn’t realize were life lessons until I had already gotten passed the stage where it could have helped me. For example, You don’t realize that a job interview is a competition between you and the other applicants. You always feel like it’s between you and whoever is interviewing you , or the company they work for. In my opinion, we do this because we don’t have any physical idea what the other applicants look like. Unlike, on the baseball field while you are in the batters box, your competition is clearly the pitcher, you can see that person right in front of you, in football, you can see the competition on defense trying to stop you from getting what you want. You must create this physical competition in your mind beforehand. Always look for the edge, going back to the job interview example, what edge can you get on the enemy? The best edge in anything is always the mental edge, Show up to that job interview dressed as best as you can, you never know if the enemy will be watching, do as much research on the company as you can, so you can ask the questions that your competition did not ask. Find the mental edge. Most people run from competition because they have been mentally defeated. They have been defeated by the negative connotations they put in their own minds. Keep the negativity away. Negativity is only a problem that is begging to be solved. If you don’t think you are good enough to make the team? Work harder! become good enough to compete for that spot. Mental effort and confidence is the key to solving any problem in the heat of competition. Go find you a mental edge.

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