First, Change Your Daily Routine

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You will never change anything in your life until you first change your daily routine. It is imperative that you understand this before moving on. Doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Have you ever been on a diet and after three days you fall back into old habits? Or gone to the gym for about a week, only to fall back into the routine of being lazy? It happens to all of us, accepting this will make the change in lifestyle easier. Go to the extreme when changing your daily routine, your mind needs that shock treatment. Changing anything in your life starts with you making a considerable effort to change your mindset. How do we do this?

We first start by finding out what we want to accomplish. Once we know we can then set a path to said goals. Now we are ready to put this into action. Now taking action doesn’t mean just starting because, remember we started a million times before. The goal is to literally change our daily routine. This means doing different things. For example, my daily routine would be to wake up, shower, eat a good breakfast, get to work, eat healthy snacks and lunch,  get off of work, go to the gym, eat a good dinner, start my growth hour and get to bed at a decent time. Of course, it’s not that easy. MY suggestion is to get up early and workout in the morning. Start your day with a sweat, it will get your blood pumping and the mind going. Have a good breakfast. I will only suggest these two tasks to start the day. How you spend your day is up to you. I have to mention that my growth hour means that I take an hour a day to learn something. I am a motivational speaker and I want to own laundromats, so my growth hour would consist of studying speeches or reading books. Finding information on laundromat location I want to scout. Take an hour a day to learn.

I do want to point out to you some ways to help you change your daily routine and hold yourself accountable.

  • Commit to your cause publicly and report your progress or failure publicly. This will give you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable for your words. It will also get others involved in the process, you will probably inspire others to join along with you.
  • Have a support system in place. I am sure you know a few people who want to change their habits as well, so get with that person to help you stay on track. Help them stay on course as well.
  • Do not give up at the first failure. Changing is not easy, so you may run into a failure or two. Do not give up, figure out what went wrong and correct it immediately. Then push onward.

Get started right now. Write down any and everything that you want to change and get after it.

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