The First Thing You Need To Know About Mastering Your Craft

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There are levels to this. Meaning, you need to build up your strengths. One of my mentors once told me that no matter how good you think you’re are doing, somebody is doing better. If you make a million dollars you hang out with millionaires, some who are probably making more money than you, or have better things than you do. Then you see a billionaire, all bets are off at that point.

Make yourself an artist in your field. Whatever it is that you do for a living, chances are someone has already done it. You just need to do it better. It’s like being a rap artist. 90% of rappers talk about the same thing, it’s the delivery that makes them popular. What is it that you can do to be different? I don’t mean being different as far as the product you’re selling but how you deliver that product to the masses. Creating an art is not easy, it perhaps the hardest thing to do when starting a business or perfecting your craft at a new job. It’s difficult because we tend to get set in our ways. We create bad habits for ourselves and it is hard to break those habits. This is why getting in shape is so difficult. It is more mental than physical. Most people don’t stop working out because of the pain, it’s because cheeseburgers taste so damn good.

Think about what you need to work on. Off the bat, I can tell you that you need to work on your mental game. There is always something to learn to build on your expertise. Constantly feed your brain the knowledge it craves, for this is the one thing we truly have control over. Start creating your art today, it is never too late. The important thing to remember is that you are not the only one doing what you are doing. Become an expert in selling, because you will have to sell something, even yourself. So where do you begin? You start with the source, YOU! work on yourself before mastering any craft. Get mentally ready because it will be hard and you will be tested. Read books, find mentors, attend seminars, watch videos and the most important step of all is to START DOING! Go get better!

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