Weekend Motivation


I have a dream. Not unlike Martin Luther King, Jr. MY dream is a bit different. It is for everyone to realize their true potential or at the very least to tap into a good portion of it. “Potential” is a scary word to me because everyone has it and not everyone knows it. Potential is also a very dangerous word, so much so that most people know they have it and still don’t use it. My passion is to motivate you to want to become better, to use your potential, to need to fulfill a larger purpose in your life. You need to know that nothing is impossible, I read somewhere that the impossible says within itself that “I’m possible.” I talk to a lot of people who are down on their luck but I’m here to tell you that luck is up to you. We create our own luck. “The harder I work The luckier I get.” -Samuel Goldwyn

This is one of my favorite quotes because it embodies what true luck is. Hard work. Please do not expect to get anything in life without hard work, everything great that came before you and that will come after you will be the product of hard work. Consider it a privilege to work for everything you get. Those lessons will be passed down to future generations to continue this great nation we reside in. Remember this if you remember nothing else from reading my blog today. I believe in YOU! I want you to do great things and i believe you will because someone believed in me all the same. Comment, like and share. everyone needs some motivation. Go get better!

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