Your Key To Success: The Most Important Leadership Quality


Let’s cut right to the chase, it’s great to have a plethora of leadership qualities but one stands out as the most important. That one quality is Integrity. What does integrity mean? It means that you have the quality of being honest and have strong moral principles. This is important because having a strong moral compass allows you to be free in all aspects of leadership. Your team needs to be able to trust you and the best way to build trust in by having integrity. Seems easy enough, right? The fact is most people don’t have strong moral principles, they have a mentality that breeds selfishness. Great leaders are not only truthful but are unselfish, after all, being a leader is about focusing on a common goal to solve a problem. Think about this from the perspective of an employee, you are more likely to give your everything on a project if your boss is trustworthy, much like a professional athlete. In sports, it is said that great coaches get the players to buy into their system. You need to be able to get your employees to buy into the overall vision, and that cannot happen unless they trust you.

Great leaders also focus on strengths and put aside weaknesses. Great leaders include themselves in this as well. Do not dwell on your weaknesses, learn to make your strengths better and focus and lead from those areas. Knowing this, integrity needs to be a strength, it brings all people together and is the best foundation for any relationship. It is imperative that you do not break this trust because it is the strongest before it is tainted. Have you ever been lied to? Of course, you have, and I am willing to bet that you don’t have the same level of trust you had before. It’s true that trust is earned and can be salvaged but it will never be as strong as before. We as humans forgive but don’t forget. This does not mean you are never allowed to make a mistake, but this is where having integrity can shine the most. In the midst of mistakes we are faced with a decision to help ourselves by lying and deceiving our team or we can tell the truth and gain even more respect.

To recap, building strong relationships based on integrity is the foundation of a successful relationship and successful business ventures. Get better every day. Comment, like and share. We will never get anywhere doing things alone. Let’s do this together.

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