Why Gymnasts Rule The World


“Without balance, a life is no longer worth the effort.”-Olen Steinhauer


Imagine for a second a gymnast on a balance beam. Everything is working in perfect harmony, after all,  it has to be or it will see a face full of floor. The gymnast has a unique ability to do more than the average person on what seems like the impossible. Of course, none of this can be achieved without having the insane ability to balance your body perfectly without taking a fall. This is not unlike what we have to strive for in life. Finding a balance is perhaps the most important element to our lives. Like the gymnast on a balance beam, the aspects of our feelings, goals, physicality, and lifestyle have to be in perfect harmony in order to achieve ultimate happiness and prosperity. One wrong slip up and it’s a setback, but just as in life the gymnast will make mistakes and fall down for only a second before making the decision to get back on that balance beam and try again. This isn’t just some easy achievement, it is very hard to find the proper balance between personal time, work, and kids. Having the proper mindset is the key to getting it done and it starts with you being happy.


The life goal is to be happy. If you think hard enough I bet you could think of a time as a child when you were happiest. Maybe this was on Christmas day, or a birthday or just a great day with family or friends. The point is you can start to have these days more often if you know how to make it happen. Be willing to make a concentrated effort daily to align your life aspects, because at the end of the day that is what really matters.


The true key to unlocking balance in your life is to stay positive. Now, I know this sounds cliche but it is the truth. Some of the best advice you will ever get is that simple. Find the silver lining in everything. Trust me when I say, this is hard as hell. Sometimes things happen in our lives where we don’t care at all about the positive. This is when we need it the most, optimism breeds positive opportunity and that is all we can ask for to make this life the best we can. Look for the best in people that are around you, feed off the energy of others. If you find the people around you are always negative then that is a sure sign to get new friends. Get in position to be around the people that will progress your life. Many people are “workaholics” and it hurts the personal lifestyle. On the flip side, some people are just plain lazy and they never achieve financial satisfaction. It can be tough when you want to get work done but at the same time wanting to accept that invitation to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game.


This will be the best decision you will ever make.  This is the time you need to ask yourself what you want out of life. I am no doctor but it seems that you being even keeled with all aspects of life would make you live longer. Living longer means you spend more time with family, friends and make more money. Who doesn’t want all those things? Start today and your dreams will be a reality. That balance beam is a representation of everything you have ever wanted, failed at, idolized, dreamed, forgotten, and wished for, that beam is life and you ought to set out to be the best damn gymnast of all time.

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