Who likes the television show The Walking dead? **Raises hand** I freaking love that show. Not because Rick Grimes is a bad ass and all the characters are amazing but also because of the zombies. I, like most people learn something from watching just about anything. While watching these beautifully costumed zombies sloth around the streets at a slow pace and a sound that makes it seem like they have the worst sore throat of all time, I realized one thing. When they see food(humans) on the other side of a gate, they are relentless at trying to get through that fence. Even when shot or having a limb fall off they lay there on the floor still snarling and reaching out to eat you. I needed to see this because from that day forward I made a decision to be as relentless in my business ventures as a zombie. Every no is a step closer to yes! That is the mentality you need to have. Not everyone will love you or like you for that matter, but that should not stop you from going after what you really want in life. Be a boss! A boss does not wait for approval, they command it. Be willing to die for your purpose in life, sound harsh? Good, because if you’re not that passionate about whatever it is you do then it’s not your purpose in life. A zombie’s purpose is to eat. The only way you can stop a zombie from achieving the goal is to put a hole in their brain. THAT is the kind of passion you should be striving for, keep pushing forward and do not stop until the day you die. Comment on this post and let me know what you learned from the last thing you saw on a television show. Like and share and let’s connect. Go get better!

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