Nobody wakes up in the morning and says “What can I do to make my life hard today.” Of course, it is easy to achieve this by being inefficient with your time. Efficiency by definition is achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. The key word here is productivity. Each day we should be waking up with a purpose and within that purpose, we need to set goals. The idea is to figure out a way to achieve maximum production, while wasting little effort. In other words, Work smarter rather than harder.

Plan Your Day:

This is an underrated part of life. Most people get up and wing it, I used to myself. Sitting down the night before and planning out the next day is truly incredible. Write down all meetings, phone calls, people you want to talk to, breakfast, lunch and dinner even. Your mind needs to be fine tuned to be more efficient. Once you have a plan, you have a guideline to being more efficient throughout the day. Be careful, though, only writing it down is not enough. You need to have a structure to your madness. Chaos brings more chaos if you look down on that paper and see a bunch items it will look like a foreign language. Organize your plan.

This is not an overnight process, although you can begin this right now. As soon as you’re done reading this go get a planner or use your tablet/phone to start planning out the rest of today and tomorrow. I want to add that I write my goals down in my planner twice a day, once when I wake up and before bed. Writing down your goals reminds you daily why you’re making a plan in the first place. It will help your mindset understand why you are doing what you do for a living. Get better every day.

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