I’m sure none of you woke up today and said, “I can’t wait to not live up to my potential.” So STOP acting like it. We live in a time where you can literally be anything you want to be. Ambitions are at an all time high, social media is here and ready for you to make a name for yourself. Everything these days is about YOU! Do not wake up daily and live someone else’s dream. Create your own legacy!

As you have probably heard before it all starts with your mentality. Everyone says this because it’s the only truth that is untouchable. People can take  a lot from you but they can’t take you mind. That is for you to cherish, for you to dream and make what you envision a reality. We all want to be rich, but it’s not enough to want, you need to take control of the situation. It’s important to understand that nobody is coming to save you. Nobody is going to hold your hand on the way to the top, they will only be there to laugh at you on the way down, use that as fuel. Use that fuel to get where you need to go, stay humble, have integrity and get out there and go get it. Know that if I believe in you. You are the reason I am doing what I am doing, why I want to Speak to the youth the build better leaders. You can leave this world a better place, I truly believe that. Like, share and comment. Let’s do this together.

Define U

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