Who am I kidding? I make mistakes daily. We all do, even when we don’t know we are making a mistake. The older I get the more I realize that it’s not the pride that is hard to get over, it is the fear of results from that mistake. You know what? That’s the beauty of being flawed. The fear of the results is what makes us the people we are. It is what makes us human. The ability to assess a situation and make a decision anyway. Once you’re an adult, meaning 18 years old, nobody can get you in trouble. You know right from wrong and you make the decision, no matter what result it brings. The key to getting past your mistakes is not running from them and making excuses. So many people make excuses as to why they did what they did. Stop with the excuses, do not blame others for your mistakes. Live with the consequences and learn from them. Truthfully, we don’t learn from the mistake, we learn from the consequences. The aftermath is what we have to live with. This is easier said than done, even myself still struggle with this at times but it is always a learning experience that I cherish. Hold on to the lessons learned and move forward as a better person. That’s all you can do.

Perhaps the most important way to get past a mistake is to not be afraid to make them. Nobody is above making a mistake and you need to understand that. Being fearless will get you so much further in life, the confidence you show will rub off on others and even those affected by your mistake will be more willing to forgive you. It’s also important to forgive yourself. Nothing is more damaging than beating yourself up for doing a common thing such as a mistake. Like I said before, this is easier said than  done but it can be conquered. Get better every day!

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