What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says you need to learn to communicate? Most of us logically will think of articulating our words in a clear and concise way. Also, something like direct eye contact when speaking to a person. The most important form of communication is listening. That’s right, not talking at all. Why? Because most people do not really listen to the person they are talking to, they are waiting. Sure, you hear the person talking to you and you comprehend their words but listening is a bit different. I am guilty of this occasionally as well, the key is to constantly be a work in progress. When you are listening to a person, you are hearing the words analyzing them in your mind to form an intelligent response. I like most just are in a mode where we are waiting for that person to stop talking so we can talk again. I believe we do this because within seconds of someone talking we understand where the conversation is going and at that point, we stop listening. The important question is how do we get better at listening? Patience is a virtue. Be patient with the conversation and understand that the person you are speaking to warrants respect and so do you. Respect the process and really try to listen to your next conversation. Sadly, many people do not listen and thus will never be great at communicating. You can feel when someone is not really listening to you. Remember, You deserve great conversation, start with being someone who really knows the importance of communicating. Get better everyday.

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