We all have strengths and weaknesses. I am a firm believer in only working from a position where your strengths shine. Most people will always be great in areas others won’t be. For myself I have the gift of gab, meaning I can talk my way out of any situation and most people like me right away. On the flip side, I am not a strong writer. Let me tell you why I feel me not being a strong writer is a good thing. When you have a weakness you know it. Everyone knows what they are good and not so good at, the key is to constantly work to get better. I am a good public speaker so I do work on my craft, I want to be the best. I started this blog to become a better writer. I have dreams and aspirations to one day write a book, several in fact. If I write a blog post every day, no matter the length it will undoubtedly help me become a better writer. The point is to work on your weaknesses every single day but focus on mastering your strengths. Let me explain that sentence you just read. Focusing on your strengths allows you to shine. It is what makes you stand out amongst the crowd. Working on your weaknesses means to find something that will help you get better while accomplishing your overall goals. For example, This blog. For me, this blog is helping me fine tune my writing skills all while improving my overall goal to be a motivational speaker and brand marketing. Everyone can find something in their field of expertise to work on. The key is to get better every day. YOU GOT THIS!

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