Once you make the decision to go after your dreams, commit to it. Easier said than done right?  We hear over and over again about the path to success from various people, but what they never tell you is, it’s hard. They never tell you that the road to success is a curvy road that’s boobie trapped to kill all your hopes and dreams. The key to getting past these obstacles is to first understand that there will be obstacles and embrace the challenge of defeating them. The most important aspect is to learn what your commitment means. What does your success mean to you? Are you willing to lose precious aspects of your life to achieve the goal? Important aspects such as time, money, friends, Weekends. You may have to sacrifice these things every now and then. Sound harsh? It’s the truth and I feel it’s my mission to let you know. I have been there before, I no longer look forward to the weekend as much because the things I need to get done subsequently won’t get done. Now keep in mind that it is important to set some personal time aside to collect your thoughts and regroup (but that is for another post).  Create a vision for your success, If you can see it, you can achieve it.

Before every baseball game I play, I visualize how the game is going to go. I visualize each at bat, every ground ball or pop fly I might see while playing defense, it helps me get into the right focus. It helps me become the best player I can be and ultimately helps me help the team win the game, which is the mission. Attack your success just like this. Visualize yourself in those meetings and on the phone having a conversation. It’s not enough to want to have nice things, you need to believe that you already have these things. Why? Because acting upon what you want is the fastest way to be successful.  Staying focused on the task at hand is what gets you past the obstacles. It’s what keeps you moving, it’s what gets you out of bed in the morning, it’s what drives you to stay up those late nights. First, see it, then speak it, and then attack it. How bad do you want it? Get better every day.

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