Remembering Past Acts Can Set You Up For A Better Future. Yeah, Right!

Think for TODAY. I love baseball but the one thing I despise about the sport is the fact that the writers and broadcasters involved in the sport always talk about the past. I know the past history of anything is important, it keeps us engaged in the magnitude of what is happening at the present time, but it often is outdated information that will only help us put things in perspective rather than helping us progress to the future. Do not be afraid to look ahead, how else will we see what is coming? Think about it in terms of an obstacle course. How many times have you gotten tripped up on the obstacle behind you? Zero! When facing challenges ahead, we don’t look back. Truthfully, I believe this is a social problem, where we are always reminded of how things were back in “our” day. In music, sports, civil matters, everything. It would be nice to focus on preparing to make the future better and maybe we wouldn’t have to hear the same rhetoric every Presidential election cycle. I think we all understand the point here. Treat your life and business as if you can see each challenge in front of you and knock that problem out of the park. Your life depends on it.

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