What would you say if you could only talk in 140 characters at a time? You could say a lot but the fact is you would get to the point. How many job interviews have you been on? How many times have you gotten a follow-up interview? How many times have you gotten a job offer? Some people are just great at interviewing. I am a people person to the max, I have a unique ability to connect with just about any person. People are comfortable around me and I have a warm smile. That being said My flaws are that sometimes I have this annoying thing that I do…I talk too much! At times I ramble on and on without taking a breath. A lot of people have this problem. So, I thought, why not talk on twitter? If I could limit my Sentences to 140 characters or there about, I could be able to get my point across in a more efficient way. It has worked out for me tremendously. But how could this help you become a better job candidate?

I have been on a lot of interviews and spoken to a lot of hiring managers. I was a hiring manager before and I can tell you the most annoying thing is someone who cannot convey a clear message without rambling. The question you will get the most in any interview is “Tell me about yourself.” This question is very hard to answer because you want to make yourself sound incredible but you don’t want to seem cocky or self-centered. Answer the question in 140 characters. Something short and sweet. Most times in an interview the hiring manager already knows quite a bit about you by looking at your application. Do not be afraid to master the ability of short and sweet. The interview will flow and you can answer more questions.

This could even work for aspiring entrepreneurs. Perfect your elevator pitch. I know many of you have heard this before. An elevator pitch is telling someone what you and your company are about in one sentence. What is your mission? Condense all the bells and whistles and get to the point. Take it to Twitter right now. Tweet out what your company is all about and go from there. People will respect you more and know what you’re all about quickly. Use the twitter talk and close those deals.

Bottomline: If you can’t sum up your entire brand in one tweet, it’s too long.

Define U

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