Remember that day you decided to do something? I’m not talking about just getting out of bed and going to the mall, even though it should at least be applauded that you got up and were active. I am speaking on the day you decided what you needed to do to make your dreams a reality.

I will tell you about the day it happened for me. It was in February of this year(2016) and it was after a conversation with a friend. We were talking about doing anything and what we would be good at. He’s a writer. He made the decision to write a book, which was a big deal considering he was a film writer. His decision got me thinking about what I was good at. I knew I wanted to help people and I knew I wanted to actually leave an impression with the people I helped. I used to want to be a Police Officer but that path just did not take over my passion. My passion was people. I am the ultimate people person. I have a gift to bring others together and make friends with complete strangers. I loved the idea of public speaking and was pretty good at it. Naturally, I decided that I wanted to be a Motivational speaker. In reality, I want my official title to be “Professional Speaker” and I will not stop until I have earned such a title. My goal is to help mentor the youth of the world into becoming immaculate leaders of the future. I will start after school programs, helping teens with what I believe should be a part of regular school curriculum such as How to fill out a job application, How to have a successful job interview, budgeting a checkbook, taxes, etc… These plans have allowed me to bring to life DEFINE U. That is my company name and I plan to achieve many many goals.

What is your passion? What moment gave you the courage to live out your dreams. I am sincerely asking because I am interested in what makes people tick. I am interested in your story. Let’s connect and build together.  I love networking and you never know what can come out of any relationship. Get better every day.

Define U

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