How do you know when it’s time to walk away? We all want the best for ourselves and our businesses. Sales people want to close deals, collection agents want to close the deal, everybody wants to be happy. Most people cannot recognize when it’s time to walk away, even worse when they do recognize it they don’t have the guts to take the walk. When the situation no longer benefits you, TAKE THE WALK! This has to be non-negotiable, that moment that anything doesn’t directly involve you getting better as a person or your business thriving then you have to cut the ties. There is a difference between not benefiting you and you needing to make some changes in your approach. Know when to persevere and when to call it. This is when you keep it going, when you know you have a product that can help but the negotiations are breaking down, when you feel you can make some changes to your approach to benefit both parties but in those negotiations, if it breaks down to a point of you losing a relationship, walk away.

Walking away feels like a loss, that’s why most people have that fear. Try to find the silver lining in anything. Remember, this is about what is benefiting you, not what helps anyone else. You have to live with yourself until the end, you are the only one who cannot walk away from YOU. Believe in you and they will believe in you. Walk away from anyone and anything when it’s time.

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