In short, NO! I believe the ideas can keep coming. When you run out of ideas then you run out of work. No work means no money. No money means no innovation. That’s the goal, right? To make money doing what you love and create something to make you and your company better. You can, however, have too many thoughts. You can clutter your mind enough to distract you from what the mission is. Thoughts include personal issues, not so good ideas getting in the way of brilliant ideas, other people’s ideas in place of yours. I am guilty of too many thoughts as well. We all are! Here’s the real tricky issue most of us have. How do we manage our ideas? How do we act on the ideas we have while trying to bring to light the ideas we are working on. That is a real struggle, even for me. I want to write a book, do a speech, write blogs, volunteer, create programs, etc. I want all these things TODAY! Luckily I have patience. It takes extreme patience and planning to execute the ideas you want. Rome wasn’t built in a day and flowers don’t bloom overnight. Trust the process. But plan the process beforehand. Get better every day.

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