Nobody is perfect. We all have limitations in one aspect or another. How we overcome these limitations determines our legacy. The struggle is a key part of our success story. No matter how fortunate we are at birth we all have a struggle. You can get past your struggle by focusing on the goal. Remembering why you started your dream is the strongest weapon you have against any limitation. It will not be easy and you’re going to want to quit. There will be days that you want to throw it all away, start over and do something different…DON’T! Do not give up, if it is your passion, there is no end of the story until you have reached success. You may have the question how do I focus on my dreams if my limitations become a distraction? We live in a day in time where it is very easy to learn anything. For FREE! We have unlimited resources that are at our fingertips at any given moment of the day. If you want to be an author but you feel that you are not a very good writer, fix it. You can find resources online to become a better writer, research and apply. Start to write anything, you will get better with practice. Anything you do in life will require a sharp focus in order to be successful.

Another very important aspect to remember is to focus on the things you can change and let go of the things you can’t. Often times we tend to focus on the wrong things. Have you ever heard of former Major League Baseball Pitcher Jim Abbott? Jim Abbott pitched in the big leagues with one arm. He would sit is glove on the nub of his right arm, throw the pitch with his left arm, then immediately put the glove on his left hand to get ready to catch anything hit at him. It is obvious what his limitation is but he could not change the fact that he did not have both arms, he could only move forward and dominate other areas. I think about Mr. Abbott


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