The grind never stops. Too many people relax on Friday in anticipation of the weekend. Friday is the lazy day at work in most settings. You owe yourself a better effort if you fall into the trap of Friday relaxation. It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Fridays. It’s difficult to get business done because of the mentality of others. The beautiful thing about things that are mental is they can be fixed. You can easily overcome mental obstacles because your attitude dictates how you move throughout the day. Keeping a shark mentality every day of the week will ensure your success. The goal is to make money in your sleep. Even if you do not have aspirations to be an entrepreneur, that should be the goal. Everyone should strive to have multiple revenue streams. Do not sell yourself short by having a let down on Fridays. Think about it like this, While everyone else is relaxing, that is your chance to get ahead of the competition. Be willing to grind now for better times later. Get better every day.

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