Don’t You Hate This…


My personal Rule number one to becoming successful, Do not throw rocks at others thrones instead of finding your own. In other words, don’t be a hater. There are too many people in this world that have bitten by the jealousy bug. So many people get held back in life simply because they would rather focus on destroying a person rather than building themselves up. Invest in yourself and watch what happens. You will be overwhelmed with abundance, enough for two lifetimes. The first step in solving a problem is acknowledging that there is one. Do you have a problem with being a hater? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, unless you know it and choose to continue to do it. That hate in your heart will get you nowhere fast. Hating is the number one reason why you can’t get that promotion, the one reason that someone is starting over you on your team. The change has to start within you. The great news is you can start right now, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for wasting precious time on something insignificant. Promise yourself that from this moment on nothing else matters but you and those close to you. Be the change you want to see. Get better every day.

Define U


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