What Bass Fishing Is Teaching Me About Being An Entrepreneur


I love fishing. Specifically bass fishing. Why? Because it’s a challenge, you really have to know your stuff. You cannot expect to just take any ole pole and bait to the lake and catch a bass. There are a lot of factors, time of year, time of day, water temperature etc… It’s not just the challenge it’s the constant motion that gets me into it. When bass fishing you throw your line in the water and reel back in. There is constant movement, with every toss, there is hope and anticipation, but also there is a confidence that goes along with it because you know the homework you put into it. That is what being an entrepreneur is to me. You throw yourself into the game with confidence that your business will work out, but there is constant movement, constant change and you evolve into this super human of a person. While writing this something just hit me. You can apply this logic to just about any facet of life. Get out there and try different things like I try different bait while fishing. Even with you doing the research and knowing what to do something else might work for you. Keep your brain going, feed it the knowledge and more times than not you will have an advantage on the competition.

I am constantly learning things about myself through my experiences, like fishing or a previous blog where I tell how Zombies can help you in business. It’s all in good fun and I do try and think of ways to make things interesting for you guys to read. After all, there is tons of material online that has the same information, but I appreciate the unique voices behind the thought process.

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