“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Gretzky

We all want the praise and it seems that most people want you to think that they are doing well instead of showing you that they are doing well. People respect results and often don’t care for the journey. If you’re ever going to achieve your dreams it will take action. You can plan every day of the year and wait for that perfect time but it will never come. You will never achieve anything and someone will pass you by. START! Get out there and start to do it. How many books do you need to read? How many speeches do you need to watch? Start today! A well done feels so much better than a well said, the top feels so much better than the bottom and please understand that the finish line feels a hell of a lot better than the start. So this weekend get out there and take a shot at your dreams, If you miss the shot create another and another because your story does not end until you say it does. Keep shining, get better every day.

Define U


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