A lot of people have asked me recently about what they should do in the one step forward two steps back stage.  One thing I have learned in my 31 years on earth is to take everything in stride. It’s very easy to have a setback and feel frustrated. Most people tend to feel sorry for themselves after having a setback. My suggestion is to embrace the negative. Without the negative, the triumph would not be as sweet. The goal is to be happy, right? Well, what would happiness be without sadness? Embracing the negative will make you a better person whether you like it or not. You can be angry, or course but turn that anger into determination instead of sadness. The problem is most people take the sadness route and end up stuck in that funk for days, weeks, months, years. We do not have time for that, we do not have time for weakness, your competition is eating, they are taking all of your success, are you going to let them starve you? I am not going to let anyone starve me and my family, not over a small failure. My story doesn’t end when you say it ends, it’s over when I decide to write the conclusion. This mentality is what helps me get through anything, it’s what drives me in the uncomfortable moments. It can help you as well, but it’s all up to you. Nobody can save you, nobody can help you through the pain, your pain is over when you make the decision to move forward and kick the ass of the problem. YOU GOT THIS! Get better every day.

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